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Home Sales by Lloyd Mize

Lloyd and Renee moved to Temecula Valley in 2004. He has been a full time Realtor since 1978, starting at the age of 20 and has accomplished over 2,000 closed real estate transactions. His mission is helping clients with the best real estate solutions   to maximize their happiness, quality of life and equity in their home.  Lloyd is the author of Reviving the American Dream in Southern California, How to Purchase a Home and Pay it off in Five Years, published in 2013. He is a leader in the real estate industry and student of market trends and is fully committed to his client's needs and dreams. Lloyd is a community business leader associated with 75 professional business owners that meet weekly to serve the Temecula Valley. As a broker associate with Coldwell Banker Realty's brand he ensures that your property is uniquely positioned to sell at the highest price possible. With over 70,000 Coldwell Banker Agents he can list and sell property in any city in America.

"Helping Clients with the Best Real Estate Solutions."